If there was a prize for which language is most often being called dead, PHP would win big. Some posts titled ‘Is PHP Dead’ go as far back as 2011.

Regardless of whether one likes this language or not, PHP is very much alive and kicking

Given the fact that PHP powers 78.9% of all websites (according to W3Techs), the job market for PHP is in a good place. With the latest release of PHP 8.0, PHP is as also as fast as ever. …

In recent years, JavaScript has been consistently ranking in the top three most popular programming languages. Based on CodersRank users’ commits, JavaScript was the most popular language with our community in 2020 (with a whopping 851K commits).

Today, we’d like to highlight twelve cool JavaScript developers (in no particular order) who are not only great at what they do but also share their knowledge and contribute to the community. Some of them are big names already, but we’ve also included some rising stars⭐

Whether you’re a beginner in JavaScript or a seasoned professional, you’ll find lots of quality educational content…

Last week, we ran Java Week at CodersRank. We’ve decided to dedicate a full week to recognize the amazing and creative bunch that Java Developers are.

The 12 developers below are absolutely worth following because of the informative, quality content they put out into the world. Be it tweets, blogs, videos, podcasts, or event speeches, I’m confident you’ll learn something new and insightful from each of them.

You may already recognize some big names but we have also included some rising stars from the community to keep things interesting.

Adam Bien

Written by: Peter Karakas

In February, CodersRank has sent out a developer survey to its audience to learn more about devs and their job search habits.

We wanted to gain a better understanding of what bugs developers about the recruitment process. Our big-picture goal is to revolutionize tech recruitment as a whole. This includes both sides: helping recruiters/companies AND developers have a better experience.

Developers told us about…

  • How many job offers they get on average
  • Why they don’t respond to them
  • How they would prefer to be contacted
  • What makes them jump on an opportunity
  • What the BIGGEST problem with tech recruitment is

Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

Written by Peter Karakas.

CodersRank is a community-based platform. It’s designed to help developers showcase their experience, grow professionally and make connections.

For the second year in a row CodersRank aims to give devs a big-picture overview of their coding habits from the past year. The platform combines their experience and activity from various sources: GitHub (public AND private repos), GitLab and Stack Overflow.

Aside from the personal overview, the platform also provides three additional reports:

  • Global
  • Local / Country-level
  • Fun Facts

The Global-level stats are based on 40,000+ CodersRank developers from around the…

Written by: Adrienn Tordai

Every industry has people who stand out. They are blazing the trails, making incredible career moves, and establishing a strong legacy for themselves.

The tech field is no different. We have incredibly talented developers who are influencing the landscape. They are creating new interpretations of technical concepts, and building all kinds of tools and services that the world at large can benefit from.

To give you your daily dose of inspiration, we have collected a handful of Hungarian developers you should follow. But why Hungary?

Hungary is one of the leading software development destinations in the…

Written by: Adrienn T.

Knowing Javascript inside and out or all the programming languages in the world won’t be enough to help you land a great job that pays incredibly well or secure those amazing opportunities that are hard to come by.

If you want to truly advance your career and succeed as a developer, you need to market yourself. Sure, coding is your passion and you’d rather bury yourself in it, but how would anyone know that you’re good at what you do or even discover you unless you put yourself out there?

When screening for developer positions, many…

Everyone loves data. If you’re a developer, you probably have data for dessert.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

This is why we created a series of data visualization videos to show you the changes that happened to code development over time. The results were fascinating throughout. We knew we had to cover this in more detail.

In the below post, we’ll walk you through the timeline of the “Most popular repositories by stars” video. We’ll break down the most interesting events that went down during these 8 years. Keep in mind, that by no means are we able to cover everything, these are just highlights.

Watch the video first:

2012: the boom of developer-friendly tools

The year was 2012. Felix Baumgartner just leaped…

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about software engineers. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start listing them. Let’s just say that when you ask someone to describe a developer, an image like this usually pops into their head:

Following our mission, we want to support coders’ professional growth by showing 360-degree and accurate picture about them.

But we also know that a coder’s profile won’t be accurate without checking private works or activities on other sites.

Earlier CodersRank by default only considered public repositories however, most of the developers have their code in private repositories. But now we want to give the change to these developers too to improve their scores by adding their private repos.

Why does it good for you?

We understand private repos are private for good reason. But we think it’s worth adding them to your CodersRank profile, because

  • we…

Tibor Szantai |CodersRank

CMO@ CodersRank.io | Our goal is supporting CODERS growth by their always up to date, professional CodersRank profile.

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